The Equipping Initiative

This week at Torch Bearers Church we announced Metron Institute. We are very excited about this new division of advanced personal training and equipping. One might ask 'why create something like this and not just do it as part of the Church?' Well, it is part of the Church, but it needs to be able to equip people for the Kingdom of God in a multitude of areas. At Torch Bearers, we believe in training God’s people for the Kingdom, not just for church ministry. If we just did the one thing, we would be doing something well, but the Lord has given us more to do.

There is an understanding that many people have that Church needs to get outside of the four walls. I don’t agree with this view. I believe the Kingdom needs to be understood in the Church, and the Kingdom needs to be manifested in the 7 Metron Mountains of the world. We are to take the Gospel of the Kingdom into the world, not try to get the world into the Church. Many Christians get stuck on their journey, because the only place they have been trained is in the Church for Church, but have not been trained in the Kingdom for the Kingdom.

At Metron Institute, we are focused on helping God’s people discover their true identity in Him. Develop their understanding of His design and equip them so that they are fully supplied for the assignment the Lord has ordained for them. I have watched many gifted and anointed people, get frustrated on their journey. They have lost hope and have made secondary choices to avoid the process for their success. At Metron Institute, you will discover a lot about yourself and find that the Lord has great plans for you.

Torch Bearers Church will continue to do what we have always done, equip the saints in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, train up ministers of the Gospel, and send people out to deliver the Good news. Metron Institute is focused on the 7 Metron Mountains and sending the saints to their assigned place. Where Torch Bearers Church is about people discovering who they are in Christ, Metron Institute is about those same people discovering their journey track that the Lord has predestined them for.

We have a passion to see everyone fulfill their potential. To do this, we have designed specific training and discovery processes so that each person will be impacted. No matter where you are in your journey, these levels of training and coaching will help you. How can I say that? For 30 years I have been using these tools in my own life. The one thing I can say is this. I don’t go to work. I get to do the thing that the Lord has called me to do. I want you to have that same feeling. That same sense of fulfillment. When you have discovered your true self and value, you can live a life fulfilled. We want this for you. I hope you will take advantage of the trainings will be starting in October 2015. Many things will be added to the website weekly so stay tuned and…

Let’s change the world together,

Louis, Kathy and Margaret