Welcome to Metron Institute, a division of Torch Bearers Church, where we are dedicated to helping people discover their true identity and find their God given destiny. We offer training and tools to help you chart a course and path for your future. The founders of Metron Institute formed this division after seeing the abundant need for guidance and wisdom in helping others find their place in the matrix of the 7 Metrons. We all have been called by God to change culture and bring heaven to earth. We would like to help you discover your unique gift and give you the tools to excel.

Metron Institute is designed to bring solutions to the problems where personal consulting was too generic and not tailored to the individual. Many of the materials used by others were so broad in their scope that there were many holes left that became hard to fill in.  With the wisdom, revelation and love of the founders, they have designed a track of learning to get you on your way.

The leaders at Metron Institute will help you to isolate your personhood, your passion, your promise and your potential. This will help you begin a journey towards the very thing that God has created for you. Get started today and contact someone at Metron Institute.
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